Welcome to The Partnership Garden's Website!

The Partnership Garden at the School of Environmental Studies brings community members of all ages, backgrounds, and gardening abilities ─ from senior citizens to school students, from veteran gardeners to those who have never grown anything edible, from long-lasting Minnesotans to those new to this land ─ together to grow a sustainable organic garden while learning, sharing, and teaching each other about gardening in partnership with nature.

In Partnership with Nature

For us, gardening in partnership with nature, means looking to nature as our teacher and working with nature rather than forcing nature to adjust to our notions of gardening. Nature shows us that many different species of plants perform better together and so our garden mixes plants together in companion plantings and is densely planted which minimizes weeds and utilizes less water. By including pest confusing plants such as nasturtiums , our garden invites beneficial insects and birds to help control pests. No pesticides or herbicides are used in our garden and we tend our soil carefully because the health of the soil results in the health of the food grown.

Growing Community

Our gardeners grow food for their own use as well as some to be served in the school lunchroom. We also believe a healthy community shares with others and so we share a portion of our harvest with local food shelves. Our garden is about connections/partnerships: connecting us to one another and to the earth.

Our dream is incredible edible communities with gardens and orchards everywhere ─ in front of city halls, in our school yards, at the entrance to our cafes, in our parks, in our local greenhouses, with food connecting us all into one happy, healthy community.

Join us in planting and growing wherever you are!