About The Partnership Garden

Our Mission

To build a diverse collaborative community committed to growing a sustainable organic garden at the School of Environmental Studies while learning, sharing, and teaching each other about gardening in partnership with nature and to inspire other school gardens as well as other edible gardens throughout our communities.

Our Vision

Gardeners across generations, cultures, economic backgrounds, and skill levels will partner with each other and nature to grow and explore growing healthy food. Collaboratively creating a beautiful sustainable organic garden at the School of Environmental Studies in Apple Valley, we will:

  1. Broaden the school’s educational opportunities, extend its community outreach, and enhance its physical surroundings. The Partnership Garden will be an additional resource to teach SES students essential life skills, complement and reinforce their classroom education, provide direct hands-on environmental stewardship, and inspire them to make positive healthy choices for themselves, their local community, and the planet.
  2. Nurture and grow a new diverse community committed to learning, sharing and teaching each other about sustainable organic gardening, including growing and eating healthy food in partnership with nature.
  3. Learn, model and share sustainable permaculture gardening techniques, native plants, and new foods across generations, cultures and skill levels.
  4. Inspire the growth of incredible edible communities with gardens and orchards everywhere ─ in front of city halls, in our school yards, at the entrance to our cafes, in our parks, in local greenhouses, with food connecting us all into one happy, healthy community.

Our Goals

  1. To develop and to nurture a shared sense of community around sustainable gardening and permaculture, healthy eating, and local environmental responsibility, connecting SES students with community residents across generations, cultures, and economic levels.
  2. To provide a welcoming space for cross-cultural immigrants and community members to grow healthy food for their families while sharing their gardening wisdom and introducing new foods and food ways with each other.
  3. To create a teaching garden along with healthy spaces and experiences for educating children, students, adults, new and seasoned gardeners about sustainable organic gardening in partnership with nature and introducing cross-cultural, native and healthy foods.


  1. We will broaden the School of Environmental Studies’ educational opportunities and community outreach while enhancing its physical setting.
  2. We will provide the opportunity to produce healthy food to families and individuals that do not have their own land or space for gardening, with priority given to nurturing a cross-generational, cross-cultural gardening community.
  3. We will model personal self-sufficiency and responsibility for improving and sustaining our shared food sources, community resources, and local environment.
  4. We will inspire and engage non-gardeners and the surrounding community in experiences, activities, classes and shared meals focused on healthy gardening and eating healthy foods.
  5. We will donate some of our fresh garden produce to low-income individuals and families and food-shelf organizations, sharing nutritionally-rich vegetables and fruits that might not otherwise be available.